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Mason Jar Gifts

Mason jars are very useful. These jars serve as perfect containers for storing almost everything starting from craft supplies to kitchen staples. The best thing about using mason jars is that these jars can be used forever as long as they are not broken. Mason jars also make for wonderful gifts once they are filled with something that is both useful and thoughtful. Mason Jar Gifts are growing in popularity because of their versatility and also because of the charm that they carry. Generally mason jars when used a gifts, are filled with brownie mixes but there are some other ideas that can also be tried.

Mason Jar GiftsHow to make mason jar Gifts?

When going for mason jar gifts, try filling the jars with something useful for an individual. do not always go for sweet things because there are people who are not fond of sweets always. Get the ideas for filling mason jars to be used as gifts, requires expertise and thoughtfulness. You can go for simple and useful fillings which would work as great gifts for almost anyone. If you are not getting any idea about filling the mason jar that you want to give as a gift, fill it with anything of your choice. You can do this easily because even if the person is not able to use the gift inside the jar, he or she will obviously be using the jar. No matter, what filler you are using inside the jar, remember adding a handwritten or printed instruction is required. You can also add a small twine or ribbon for making the mason jar gifts more special.

Some Excellent Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Some of the most unique and simplest of ideas that you can use in creating mason jar gifts are as follows:

Sugars, Salts, Spices and Rubs

Try making spice kits, sugars, dry rubs and specialty slats for a foodie’s cooking requirements. You can give your mason jar gift a very beautiful holiday touch by making a very big spice kit. Making specialty sugars and salts is very easy. You can make excellent quality salt for cooking French recipes by mixing some herbs with sea salt. You can also make lovely and easy vanilla sugar by positioning a vanilla bean, cutting it half and scraping the seeds out. this will create a very enchanting vanilla flavor which will stay for a few weeks at least. There are also a number of dry rub methods but it is best to try the one that you will be able to make easily. These sugar, spice and salt blends will work wonders on grilled Portobello mushrooms, eggplant and tofu even if you are not very fond of meat.

Go Nuts

You can fill your mason jar gift by making your very own special nut or trail mix. What you need to do is simply get some roasted almonds, maples and cinnamons and go for a homemade nut butter mix.

Muffin Mix

Make the mornings of your loved ones easier with appropriately packaged muffin mixes in your mason jar gift. You can pack your mason jar gift with muffin mix added with an egg and some oil. Also try printing out a very small recipe card and attach the card to your mason jar to create that scintillating effect. You can also try adding a spatula or whisk to kick up the décor of your mason jar gift. Filling the jar with cinnamon spice muffin mix will also be a very good idea. You also have the flexibility of choosing any of your favorite muffin mixes. Make sure to eliminate wet ingredients. for vegetarian recipients, you can go for chocolate muffin mixes.


When giving a mason jar as gift you can share one of your most favorite health cookie recipes. This can be done by layering dry ingredients in the mason jar. Also, do not forget to attach a small note along with your recipe as this will make your gift very special for your special friend. The ideas for Mason Jar Gifts that have been provided above are some of the most popular ideas and they are sure to transform your mason jar into a wonderful gift item.